1 Day Intensive Session


Mobile & Custom Service:  We decide on one or two spacious sites/online for the day.  Your comfort is essential during sessions but so is privacy so you can really focus on your transformational work.

o    Review Intensive Session Packet you submitted and get clear on goals/intentions for the day (usually around 09:00, but we decide)

o    Dig into what’s happening (while hiking, fishing, walking or sitting somewhere)

o    Break for yummy lunch (you can eat alone to let thoughts/feelings settle in or we can share lunch)

o    Wrap-Up with integration of insights and gained clarity (six hours after we begin)

Biofeedback Technology:  I integrate technology into this session to allow you to visually examine how you are physiologically responding to your emotions and thoughts using a device that fits on your earlobe.  The device is connected to a program on a laptop that measures your heartrate variability (what is happening between heartbeats) on the screen in real time. (Discussion how to do this not in person is necessary)