If you feel overwhelmed & anxious, you are not alone.


With constant stress about work performance, romantic & family relationships, paying bills, making the right decisions as well as about all the things that could go wrong because they usually do, you are exhausted!

Your concerns are totally real for you, and it's hard to live like they aren't. People just don't understand what you go through every day.  You often think about how people would react to you if they really knew what your inner world is like.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on.


You might be feeling:

  • alone because no one knows what you really go through

  • overwhelmed because you feel lonely or rejected often

  • worried about failing at work and in your relationships

  • consumed with what others think about you

  • worried about worrying so much

  • shut down because you are afraid to get so close

  • like others are always better at doing everything

  • not feeling good enough

  • embarrassed for drinking, spending, eating so much to alleviate stress


If stress & anxiety are affecting your ability to live a calm, connected and peaceful life, then it may be time to reach out for support and guidance.


It’s possible to feel calm & confident.

As your therapist, my commitment is to guide you in accessing and deeply cultivating your self-confidence so that you live a peaceful life.


There are many benefits to working with me.

As a result of our work, my clients:

  • feel relaxed and grounded amid challenges

  • become secure and comfortable connecting emotionally with loved ones

  • develop self-assurance to be effective in life

  • consider positive outcomes for a change

  • experience confidence of own worth

  • cultivate capacity to respond to stress/anxiety and respond healthier ways

  • believe in being good enough

  • release unhealthy habits and adopt fierce self-care

  • achieve what really matters at work and home

  • live a calm, empowered and peaceful life

Foundations Package: 4 months, 1:1 Customized Sessions

You Invest in Personal Development For Value & Good Service


I work with individuals who are energized & ready to change their lives.  Most people continue beyond 4 months, but it is the minimum requirement to make powerful change.


  • Customized Therapy Sessions:  You have 3 retainer hours to use every month.  Here are examples of how hours are used by some clients:  2 sessions with some check-ins, 3 weekly, 1 hour sessions or 2 longer sessions.  These are all options because sessions are tailored to your growth and needs at any given time.  Hours are not carried over to the next month. 


  • Method:  I draw on various treatment approaches according to the problem that is being treated and my assessment of what will best benefit you. These approaches may include but are not limited to behavioral, cognitive/emotional, psychodynamic, biofeedback, system/family, developmental and/or psycho-educational methods.


  • Mobile Service:  Let’s take a walk, meet at your office or online (Covid19 safety measures to be discussed).   Your privacy and comfort are essential during sessions so you can really focus on your transformational work.  Additional travel fee for sessions outside of Oakland.


  • Biofeedback Technology:  I integrate technology into most sessions that allows you to visually monitor how you physiologically respond to your emotions and thoughts using a device that fits on your earlobe.  The device is connected to a program on a laptop that measures your heartrate variability (what is happening between heartbeats) on the screen in real time.  Through our work together, your capacity for self-regulation will increase and have a positive effect on your performance and cognitive functioning. Your progress is tracked over time.  (Discussion regarding how this will work for not in person sessions necessary)


  • Priority Communication:  Receive responses usually within “3 hours” using agreed upon communication methods that are protected/secure.  “Emergency” communication is possible usually within 3 hours if need arises.


  • Privacy:  Communications (phone and client messaging) are protected through secure technology that are HIPPA compliant.